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Conservation of endangered breeds and sustainable farming is our goal.  Preventing breeds from becoming extinct, teaching others about them, about self-sufficiency, homesteading, and more is a dream for us.  However, we are limited to a few breeds due to funds.  This type of farming isn't cheap, but we feel it's worth it.  

We'd like to offer camps and classes on herbals, soap making, spinning, processing chickens, raising animals, etc.  Eventually, we will get there, however donations would enable us to save more breeds and help educate others.  If you'd like to donate, but want to make sure it is going towards the animals and farm, gift cards to Home Depot, Paris Lumber, local feed stores and Tractor Supply are also welcome.  Ecards can be sent to our farm email.   If you don't feel led to help monetarily, please keep us in your prayers.  Eventually, we hope to have volunteer positions for those who may want to do that. 

Our first goal on this new property is to get infrastructure set up.  With lumber prices rapidly rising, this has us a bit worried, but we're taking it one day at a time.  Donations of any building products in good condition are welcome. 



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