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Payment can be made through cash or credit card.


NOTICE:  For all live sales, you must have a companion animal of similar/same type (chicken with turkey or chickens, goat with goat or sheep, etc.).  These are flock/herd animals and need a "friend". 

Wait List for 2022 - Contact us to be added to the list.  


Thanksgiving  Heritage Turkeys - turkeys will range in size from 10 pounds to 25+ and will be limited in quantity.  Heritage turkeys have a much longer "growing season" than commercial breeds. They are processed shortly before Thanksgiving. Current cost is $8/lb

Processed Meat Chickens - we only raise meat chickens for those who put down a 50% deposit.  Our processing is, at this time, $5.50/lb.  We butcher in the Spring and Fall.  Average weight is 3-6 pounds.


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