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     Hi!  My name is Sandy, and I'm so glad you're here!

    People like myself are waking up to the harm processed food is doing to our health.  Parents are recognizing the changes in their children when they eat wholesome foods.  Doctors are recommending their patients find locally grown natural food to eat.  If you're looking for naturally-raised food and livestock that will help your family better their health, then you've come to the right place!


     After years of illness and moving as a military family, I chose to put my southern roots back down, bought a camper, and moved to our 13 acres of Texas raw land for a new start on my health journey.  After 5 years, we sold that property and settled on 45 acres 1.5 hours away in East Texas.  The place needs a lot of work, but we're up for the challenge!  I'm still battling my junk food addiction, but I've lost weight (still have more to go), and am slowly improving my health even more with Naturally-Raised foods from our own land.   Our pastured animals are fed a natural/organic, soy and GMO-free diet, and our farm is holistic in nature.

     We specialize in Heritage breeds like Jacob Sheep, Black Spanish Turkeys, Polish chickens and more.   Some of our egg layers are a barnyard mix.  Our products vary by season, so please join our email list to be notified when certain things, like Thanksgiving turkeys, become available.  We are members of and/or certified by the following groups:


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