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Soy-Free, Non-GMO, Naturally-raised/organic and  pastured poultry, eggs, wool, and more.

Call, text, email, or use the contact page for questions or an appointment.
(903) 703-7382

Please don't join the app or members area.  We don't have one.  Wix added it, and we can't turn it off or delete it. 

Welcome to Herut Farm

Are you sick - figuratively or literally - of processed food? 

Do you want to support local farms and businesses? 

Well, you've come to the right place!

Our farm concentrates on conserving endangered heritage breeds and raising soy-free, GMO-free products sold to the public.   We raise using organic and as natural methods as possible.  We are not certified organic as we don't need to be according to the USDA guidelines.  However, we do have to follow the guidelines for an organic farm. Keep checking back or sign up for email alerts to learn when new breeds, sales, and classes happen.

Feel free to ask questions.  If you're looking for something specific like gluten-free items, let us know!  We love to experiment!



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